Pet Valu Dog “Mutt” Showdog

Contact: Pet Valu 613-476-3048

NOTE: Show Location has changed to the Prince Edward Curling Club.
On Saturday, September 8, 2018 starting at 12:00 noon.

This show is open to ALL dogs. If a dog is your best friend this is the place to be!!

Pick up entry forms at Pet Valu or phone 613-476-6154 or email or use the contact us on this web site
Entry forms can also be downloaded from or cut & paste from this page

1. Smallest Dog
2. Biggest Dog
3. Longest Ears
4. Shortest Ears
5. Curliest Hair
6. Longest Tail
7. Shortest Tail
8. Most Unusual Looking Dog
9. Best Trick Performed by
Dog; Child, Youth, Adult
10. Best Costumed Dog
11. Best Dog & Owner
Dressed in Theme; Child,
Youth, Adult
12. Youngest Exhibitor
13. Oldest Exhibitor



Presenters Picton Fair



     2018 DOG  SHOW

         ENTRY FORM

Contact: Fiona Patton – 613 – 476 – 4107


Show to be held in the Prince Edward Curling Club

On Saturday September 08, 2018 starting at 12:00 noon




1 – Smallest Dog _________   5 – Curliest Hair ___________

2 – Biggest Dog __________   6 – Longest Tail ___________

3 – Longest Ears __________  7 – Shortest Tail ___________

4 –Shortest Ears___________ 8 – Most Unusual

Looking Dog __________

9- Best Trick Performed by Dog –            a) Child __________                                                                                                                           b)Youth__________                                                                   c) Adult__________

10- Best Costumed Dog                                             __________

11- Best Dog & Owner Dressed in Theme a) Child_________

b)Youth_________                                                                                                  c) Adult _________

12 – Youngest Exhibitor_______

13 – Oldest Exhibitor_________

The Society takes reasonable precaution for security and protection of entries. The Society shall not be liable in any manner for theft, injury, loss or any other claim.

My signature attests to the fact I have read, understand, and agree to all provisions contained herein.


NAME: _________________________Signature_______________________


ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________


AGE: ________PHONE:____________________DATE:_________________


Release Form for Photography and /or Videography


Minors under the age of 18 years will require a parental/guardian signature for the Release Form.


This Release Form will allow the use of the contestant’s photograph for the promotion and marketing of the Picton Fair and or The Picton Rising Star Competition.


Examples of such usage would include publications such as annual reports, tourism brochures, leisure activity guides in print advertising, media releases and on our website.


Please provide your consent below for the use of your son/daughter’s or pet’s photo alone, or with a parent/owner. Thank you for helping us to promote the Picton Fair.


Date _____________________


Print Contestant’s Name _____________________


Telephone _________________


Print Parental/Guardian Name ________________


Telephone ___________________


Email Address _______________________________


Parent/Guardian Signature____________________________________