Chairperson: Joe Kitchen 613-393-5281

Committee: Rick & Pat Green, Ron Binch, Tom Finora, Mary Lu Johnston
Allison Kerr, Sharen Kitchen, Doug Stone, Bill Thompson, Linda Wiggins, Sheila VanSoelen, Tom and Pat Mills

Flowers – Exhibits of cut flowers, plants and decorative arrangements from residents of Prince Edward County. There are also classes for youths.

Special Entry Information for all flower classes:
1. Open to Amateurs only. Store purchased arrangements will be disqualified.
2. There is a Youth Class for all 13 years of age and under. (add “J” to class number”)
3. Judging will be basis of freshness and condition of blooms, unity in sizes, freedom from disease/blemish.
4. Be sure to stay within required number of flowers and the measurements of a design/arrangement, or they will not be judged.
Hints: Use attractive containers and natural foliage to set off all displays. Disbud dahlias and most roses.

Register Entries