Live at The Picton Fair in The Crystal Palace on Friday evening at 6pm – 7:30pm

The Picton Fair is thrilled to announce that performing on our stage will be Crimson Cay. This Band has been on fire, playing many large stages and venues across Ontario. An Original Band with close connections to Prince Edward County. Rock/Alternative Rock/Original. Come Out and see them Live at The Picton Fair in The Crystal Palace on Friday evening at 6pm.

Crimson Cay with dynamic songwriting led by lead singer Griffin McGill backed by talented musicians, Lucas Redwood (Drums), Claud Northey (Lead Guitar) and Sammy Alain. For Crimson Cay the music is about real things and exploring and bringing to life a story with emotion and feeling. Lead singer and songwriter Griffin McGill has written over 40 originals to date and as a band they bring them to life with carefully thought out dynamic musicianship and a nostalgic sound.
Crimson Cay released single titled “Mildred” on July 27th 2018, and has gained radio play as well as downloads by fans.
Crimson Cay is currently in studio working on their first EP featuring 6 handpicked originals that span over 3 years of writing and show much diversity and sound.
“All of our songs hold meaning and are everyday situations faced by everyday people like us.” “Whether it’s our Original ‘Mildred,’ or we are paying tribute to one of our idols playing a cover”, We put our heart and soul into the song.” “We are our own worst critics and push to drive ourselves to deliver songs that people can relate to, and things that are real.” says Lead Singer Griffin McGill. “The band adds to the depth of the song by adding their touch and feeling to the song which creates our unique sound.”
Crimson Cay is a rock band with blue collar roots, and became in demand at local shows and secured an opening show for the Legendary David Wilcox as well as April Wine. The Band Received rave reviews from the sold out crowd and catching the attention of several agents and labels. The chemistry combined with outstanding writing, musicianship and unique sound have them as the band to watch in 2019 and beyond.
“It’s all about music.”
Crimson Cay