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 THE Baby Show

 Sponsored By

Picton Home Hardware

 1:00 P. M.

 “In the Crystal Palace”

Entertainer – Andie Forgie

Friday, September 9


Note Last Date for Entry: September 5 at 12:00 noon.

Completed forms can be dropped off at Picton Home Hardware or the Picton Fair Office in the Curling Club.

Please complete the form below, once completed, you should receive an email notification, if you do not, check spam/junk folders or try completing the form again. 

Chair/Contact: Susan Harrington

The Picton Fair Bake Off Challenge is an opportunity for businesses/organizations/individuals to put their culinary skills to the test by having their entries judged by local celebrities and then have their dessert auctioned off to raise funds to support the Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Foundation.

When:             Saturday: September 10, 2022
Where:            Prince Edward Curling Club
Time:               Entries in by 9:00am • Judging: 9:15am • Auction: 10:30am


  1. Cake: White and Chocolate
  2. Fruit Pie: Apple pie and Berry pie
  3. Cream Pie: Coconut cream pie and Lemon Meringue pie
  4. Cheese Cake

A little about our charity of choice, the PECMH Foundation
This year, the PECMH Foundation is committed to raising almost $400,000 for medical equipment needed at our hospital now. The Foundation is also raising funds to build a new, state-of-the-art hospital. The PECMH Foundation’s Back the Build campaign aims to raise $16.5M for the new hospital over the next five years.

Our hospital has a reputation for providing excellent care, but the building is old. We need everyone to help #BacktheBuild to make our vision for a new hospital in the County a reality. We need your help.

The Prince Edward Agricultural Society, through the Picton Fair Bake Off Challenge, has raised $12,970 for priority medical equipment needs at our County Hospital since 2008. We want to continue to support our community hospital and are inviting all bakers and dessert enthusiasts to enter a cake or pie into the 13th annual Picton Fair Bake Off Challenge on Saturday, September 10, 2022.

 And if you can’t bake…bid! All are welcome.

As medical care advances, The Picton Fair Board is committed to keeping our hospital well equipped– for you, your loved ones and for every person in our community.

We are so grateful for your generosity in helping us raise over $12,000 in 12 years. Join us on Saturday, September 7 in the Curling Club. Funds raised through the Bake Off Challenge will be directed to the Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Foundation and will be used to support your hospital, here, in Prince Edward County.

on the track in front of the Grandstand Sunday at 2.00pm

You are required to print and sign the


Sponsored By

Pet Valu

Prince Edward Curling Club.
On Saturday, September 10th 2022

This show is open to ALL dogs. If a dog is your best friend this is the place to be!! Pick up entry forms at Pet Valu or phone 613-476-6154 or email or use complete the form below

Please complete the form below, once completed, you should receive an email notification, if you do not, check spam/junk folders or try completing the form again. 


1. Smallest Dog
2. Biggest Dog
3. Longest Ears
4. Shortest Ears
5. Curliest Hair
6. Longest Tail
7. Shortest Tail
8. Most Unusual Looking Dog
9. Best Trick Performed by
Dog; Child, Youth, Adult
10. Best Costumed Dog
11. Best Dog & Owner
Dressed in Theme; Child,
Youth, Adult
12. Youngest Exhibitor
13. Oldest Exhibitor

Horse Draw will start at 7:00 p.m. in front of the Grandstand Saturday, September 10

Contact: Blaine Way 613-438-1250

Prize Money, both divisions
1st – $160

2nd – $140

3rd – $120

4th – $100

5th – $80

$60 for hitching – must complete one draw

Trophies – to be announced on Fair Day

Lightweight division – team with combined weight of 3400 lbs. or less
Heavyweight division – team with combined weight of 3400 lbs. or over
Girths to be measured by a committee official prior to the event

1. A qualifying drive must be a minimum of 15 feet.
Knocking down a course marker is a fault disqualifying the draw.
2. Each team will be allowed 2 drawing attempts with a time maximum of three minutes between draws.
3. One driver and two helpers per team will be permitted. However, any interference by helps will
constitute a fault, disqualifying the draw.
4. The same driver (and helpers) may handle more than one team.
5. Slashing with reins or whipping is not allowed.
6. In event of breakage during a drawing attempt, a new draw will be required.
Officials will rule on the time the next draw is to be made.
7. Officials and contestants only allowed in the course area during the draw.
8. Any competitor interfering with Judge or Directors will be disqualified. The decision of the Judge is final.
9. An official veterinarian will rule on the eligibility to participate as far as the health of animals is concerned.
10. In case of runaway, where a teamster loses the reins, the team will be disqualified regardless of time during
the match.


Horse Judging Program
Starting at 9:00 a.m. Saturday, September 10 2022


1. Pony Halter
2. Halter Horse Mare
3. Halter Horse Gelding
4. Pony Showmanship
5. Youth Showmanship
6. Senior Showmanship

Tack change for participants.

7. Lead on Line (8 and under)
8. Walk/Jog Pleasure (English/Western)
9. Walk/Jog Equitation (English/Western)

Tack change for participants.

10. Junior Pleasure Horse (English/Western)
11. English Pleasure Pony
12. English Pleasure Youth
13. English Pleasure Senior
14. English Equitation Pony
15. English Equitation Youth
16. English Equitation Senior

Tack change for participants.

17. Western Pleasure Pony
18. Western Pleasure Youth
19. Western Pleasure Senior
20. Western Equitation Pony
21. Western Equitation Youth
22. Western Equitation Senior
23. Command Pony
24. Command Youth
25. Command Senior
26. Pony Costume
27. Horse Costume

Prizes and Ribbons: Western Games Show
1st- $15,  2nd – $12,  3rd – $10,  4th – $9,  5th – $8

28. Barrel Race Pony
29. Barrel Race Youth
30. Barrel Race Senior
31. Flag Race Pony
32. Flag Race Youth
33. Flag Race Senior
34. Pole Bending Pony
35. Pole Bending Youth
36. Pole Bending Senior
37. Keyhole Pony
38. Keyhole Youth
39. Keyhole Senior
40. Dash for Cash Pony – $5.00 entry fee Winner takes all
41. Dash for Cash Youth – $5.00 entry fee Winner takes all
42. Dash for Cash Senior – $5.00 entry fee Winner takes all
43. Relay Race Pony – $5.00 entry fee Jackpot pays to 3rd
44. Relay Race Youth – $5.00 entry fee Jackpot pays to 3rd
45. Relay Race Horse – $5.00 entry fee Jackpot pays to 3rd

David Everall  613-813-1561
Nicole Everall 613-961-9572

Eva Evans 613-920-0227

Mini Horse Show
Showing in front of Grandstand 1:00 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 10th
All Exhibitors in the Mini Horse Show must pay a $6.00 membership fee.
All Mini Classes have an entry fee of $2.00 per animal in each class.

Junior – 12 & Under, Youth – 17 & Under, Senior – 18 & Over

1. Miniature Mares, On Halter
2. Miniature Geldings, On Halter
3. Miniature Stallion, On Halter
4. Open Miniature Halter Class (to be judged on best colour)
5. Junior/Youth Miniature Obstacle, On Halter
6. Senior Mini Obstacle Class, On Halter
7. Open Musical Chairs
8, Open Mini 2-Wheel Cart
9. Lady Driver with a Miniature
10. Open Miniature Obstacle,Driving
11. Open Miniature Driving Scurry (timed event)
12. Miniature on a 4-wheel vehicle
13. SPECIAL – multiple hitches (1st place only)

14. Open Costume Miniature Youth
15. Open Class Miniature Adult

Friday September 9th. Starts at 6pm in front of the grandstand.

Class for stock and antique tractors

Contact Daniel Printzen 613-403-7715

Saturday, Sept 10. 1pm Curling Club
Youth and Adult Divisions.
Weigh-in 10am competition starts at 1pm

Youth Classes $5 entry fee
Novice Classes $20 entry fee
Register in person 10am
Contact –  Chris Armstrong 613-827-5754