Will be going Live from various places around the Fair including The Crystal Palace

What started out as a good time sharing music with friends in The Breezeway, has now grown to include the addition of The Port Hope Lions Hall as our studio for Live Shows each Tuesday Evening.

The Live Show has become well known in the community as well as Worldwide. Their Weekly Show every Tuesday Evening at 7pm has become a hit with local musicians and music lovers in Canada, United States and around the world. Thousands of people tune in to listen and see music entertainers, bands, legends and Places to see just where they are and what they might have up their sleeve. No doubt about it though, you are guaranteed to see amazing entertainment from local favorites and places you might want to visit.

The Breezeway have branched out and do several on location events including Fairs, Fundraisers and Special events. This summer they take the show on the road going Live from The 184th Picton Fair, Nashville Tennessee, The Napanee Country Jamboree, Prince Edward County Jamboree, 50’s & 60’s Rock N Roll Festival, Crowe Valley Jamboree Marmora, Freezerland Newfoundland Inc. The Breezeway Live also had the pleasure of covering David Wilcox Concert in Wellington and April Wine Concert and a Tour to Corner Brook Newfoundland in 2018.

“ We love what we do! We love music, giving back to our community, and we love to have fun. I personally love finding out peoples stories and hearing their Original songs” All of which is designed to bring people out to Live Events” says Breezeway Host Franny.

“Our Current Viewership reaches 30,000 People per month from all corners of the world” “Thats a Huge Audience!” A Fantastic way to be heard and to seen across the globe.

Tune in Live on Facebook every day to find out where The Breezeway Express will be next including their upcoming summer tour.


The Breezeway Team